Montage International exists to challenge and train the church and its artists to embrace the arts in worship, spiritual formation, and mission.


The vision of Montage International will be accomplished through the mentoring and discipleship of artists; training for cross-cultural effectiveness; writing for publication in appropriate journals and books; and speaking in conferences, churches and organizations for artists.


The role of “Creative Catalyst” with Artists in Christian Testimony International and my department, Montage International is, at its heart, a ministry of discipleship--one of teaching, challenging and modeling the Christian walk and worldview in the lives of others. In the Great Commission, God told us to do this in every corner of the world.  Every person who goes into the world to make disciples focuses on a particular group of people.  Mine are artists-of-faith who are seeking to grow in the Lord and serve God through their creative gifts.  God has already allowed me to begin this process with artists on three continents.  His confirmation of my calling and commitment gives me the confidence to invite you to join with me through prayer, encouragement and financial support.


Dr. Robin Harris

Dr. Jim and Anne Mills

Patricia Butler

Deby and Kirk Dearman

Dr. Glenn T. Collard