"Dianne Collard's story transforms how we view forgiveness, and--at the same time--how we view art. I am so grateful to help bring this film to life. This is a story for our time; to care for souls and our culture." Makoto Fujimura, Artist and Vision Director--Brehm Center

This 16-minute documentary short tells our of our forgiveness journey and my healing through the venue of abstract art. It is currently being screened in film festivals around the world. If you wish to view this film, please contact me, as it can only be screened if either Glenn or myself are doing as part of our speaking event.

Producer's Quote: Abstraction: The Dianne Collard Story is a short documentary film produced by Windrider Institute’s Peabody award winning producer John Priddy and award winning director Jon Cipiti. Contemporary Nihonga artist Makoto Fujimura is one of the Executive Producers and appears in the film.

Link to Preview of ABSTRACTION.

Endorsement from a viewer at the Justice Film Festival in New York City:

Thank you bringing Abstraction to the screen - it stirs the soul and I hope it receives a warm reception beyond the festival circuit. You and your team brilliantly brought to light the incredible healing power of art, community, and the power of forgiveness amidst such a horrific tragedy.